Is it time to look again at your garden lighting for 2021?

Hi to all our customers both new and old.

Just like any element of garden or home design your garden lighting can benefit from a refresh every now and again. At the very least plants continue to grow and spike lights need moving and re-pointing to make the most of them.

Similarly as plants get bigger you might need to think about a more powerful light or doubling up in one area of the garden.

We stock 3W, 5W and 7W LED lights and the bigger ones can effectively light even a medium sized tree.

Lastly a useful tip is to have the lights come on automatically at dusk. This makes the garden more welcoming and extends the season that you can enjoy your garden.


I have attached some photos and links so that you can explore these options if you like and don't forget to send us some garden photos if they are worth sharing.


We are here to help if needed and that advice costs nothing.  There is even an instant chat function on the website (bottom right corner) if you have any issues to discuss.


Best Spring Wishes  David at LVOutdoors