Covid 19, Safe Shopping Guide, Environmental Impact

We are an online only retailer and remain open for business.

Our products are for garden use and this is a great project to complete during any enforced lock-down or home stay. Enjoying your outdoor space has an increased importance at this time and could help with your well being.

Online shopping has increased in popularity due to the risks of in-person retail at stores and we are pleased to be able to continue to serve our customers.

Note on Environmental Impact:

All our lights use the latest G4 COB LED units. These are units that create light through technology on low energy circuit boards (no bulbs involved) and they all use approximately 12-15% of the electrical energy of a halogen bulb to produce the same amount of light. That's a whopping 85 - 88% saving on electricity and running costs which is great for the environment.

There has been no bigger leap forward in environmental impact by any industry than the lighting sector.

At this time we are certainly one of the first adopters of this technology and one of the only lighting companies that offer no halogen units in our range.

Whilst this is a major step forward we are also working on introducing a solar charging option for our lighting sets which will make the running of these products carbon neutral with up to 100% of the energy coming from the sun (subject to weather conditions!). Technology will allow us to automatically switch from solar backup to mains power when stored energy is nearly exhausted.

You may also like to consider opting for an energy supplier who provides a 100% renewables energy tariff. There are now several of these available and this means that no fossil fuels will be used in the manufacture of your energy.

We do hope that you consider this 'light touch' approach to energy use appropriate to our operations. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in contact.