Why Use LVOutdoors

Firstly welcome to LVOutdoors, we are pleased you are considering us. We are UK based and stock every item in the UK. We offer quick delivery and guaranteed returns if not delighted. We accept all common payment method including card and PayPal on our secure site. You can shop with confidence.

We sell a complete garden lighting system and supply spike lights, wall lights, post lights, in ground lights, timers and sensors and more.

Along with a comprehensive range of transformers, cables and connectors we can provide a system to fit any garden.

Let's Talk Quality:

Our transformers are second to none. Very high quality items that rarely fail us. We never skimp on these items.

Our cables are the thickest and most durable in the garden lighting business. We are happy to stand comparison to any other. Our connectors we sourced from an automotive / aeronautical supplier and are very tough reinforced plastic. We have never seen this quality with anyone else's cabling system. It is miles ahead of our competitors offerings.

We never use connectors that pierce the outer plastic sheathing of our cables - that is a definite no-no if you want durability.

Our lights are ALL fully sealed Generation 4 LED units. No need to change bulbs, long life and energy efficient. (Our system is rated A or A+ for energy efficiency). Remember that any fitting that needs to be opened to replace a bulb can leak water. We don't agree with that method.

When you consider our lighting system across the board we believe that we come top in nearly every quality consideration. We are happy to be compared.

Let's Talk Value:

Some of our competitors are charging £50, £100 or even £200 for a single light fitting. Whilst this could be fine for a select few customers their lighting capability is not even equal to ours. 'Expensive lights in a beautiful garden is like wasting money on designer radiators in your favourite room'. All of our products are surprisingly affordable and we are happy to be compared.

If in doubt about that get us to make a comparable quote. You can often save £100's.

Over 38% of our customers return to us for repeat business and the reason is clear, good products at affordable prices.

That means value!

We buy direct with no middle men. You can be assured of value.

We design the system ourselves and have it manufactured only for us. You cannot find it cheaper elsewhere.

Let's Talk Support and After-Care:

We love being involved in garden lighting projects and are happy to help. Whilst problems are rare you can be assured of perfect service and attention to detail after you have purchased from us. It's all part of the service.

Let's Talk Popularity:

We believe that over the last two years our AlderMax lights have been the most popular in the UK. Whilst there are no definitive figures available we follow the market place and see no evidence of any other system even coming close. It is a combination of price, quality and ease of installation that makes us popular. Literally anyone can install this system, there is no easier install available.

1700 satisfied customers cannot be wrong from our online presence. Our presence at shows and live garden events adds yet more experience and faith in our product.

Easy to Extend in the Future:

Some of our competitors charge horrifying prices for adaptors and extension cables. We are proud to do the opposite, our cables and lights are very affordable and most customers come back to us for a few more lights or an extension to another area of the garden as the years go by. Simply unscrew one light and add an adaptor and away you go with more cables and lights. It couldn't be easier. You do not need an electrician or a skilled trades-person to install or extend this system.

Easy to Fit to Any Size or Shape of Garden:

Our cables and position of the lights can be adapted to the nearest metre. Since every light is supplied with a 1m long connection cable that means you can put the light precisely where you like. No compromise. Some manufacturers limit you to buying a particular design of wiring loom but ours is infinitely adaptable. Perfect for any layout. You can add cables, additional branches, new lights now or in the future. Our system is simply without compare in this respect.