Why Choose Low Voltage Garden Lighting Systems

Congratulations if you are reading this page as there is no more important decision to make first than 'What Type of Lighting System Do I Want to Install'?

Let's look at the choices:

Maybe I want to leave it up to my gardener or landscaper to sort out the lighting system for me: this might or might not work out well for me but will definitely cost a lot. My gardener has certainly never told me he is an expert on lighting!

Maybe I should get an electrician in to do it for me as after all I want the garden to be a safe place for my family, friends and pets: this sounds good but will DEFINITELY cost me. Electricians charge £90 per hour and often £400 or more for a days work. I wonder if someone has come up with a better solution?

Maybe I should get some more of those cheap solar lights from the garden centre. I can put them in my basket and although they don't seem to last long or even light up the garden it will at least be something.

These are the thoughts that our customers have before they find out about our easy install plug and play lighting system.

Without knowing it they have worked out that the first question to decide is:

  • 240V system with buried and armoured cables installed by an electrician
  • low voltage plug and play system that I or my gardener can install
  • cheap and temporary one-season solar lights from the garden centre

The 240V system will cost you three times as much as the 12V plug and play system and will look exactly the same once installed. if you are looking for anything better than the cheap solar lights then a plug and play system is an easy choice.

The second question is probably can I design the system myself?

Our 10 light complete lighting kit costs £185 and includes cables, lights and transformer. Everything that you need. Simply screw the cables together in any order and try the lights in your garden. Once it gets dark it is easy to learn what works and what doesn't! We even provide a free planning service if required.

Obviously we sell smaller systems as well but you would be lucky to get an electrician to come an install a single light in your garden for £185 by the time he has installed RCDs and armoured cables etc. Sets are available starting at £54.99.

The third question might be can I see myself installing the system?

Our system is specifically designed to be installed by householders. No technical skill or tools are needed. Everything just plugs in and it is no more difficult than putting lights on a Xmas tree. It really is that simple to give it a go.

Lastly, I am thinking that I might need some help to make the project go well. What if I need more cables or lights?

We are here to help and we do not charge anything for this advice. 38% of our customers come back to us for more lights as the years go by, that's a natural process. Our website has all the cables and lights separately as well as in kits and nothing is particularly expensive. If you want to include another flowerbed or area of the garden in the future then that is natural and easy to achieve. Ours is the most flexible system on the market and the most popular.

We believe that over the last two years that our AlderMax lights have been the best seller in the UK.