Women in Gardening

Well there are plenty of women in gardening.

Women in Gardening by Sally McGregor

75% of keen gardeners are women according to some surveys and even those that haven't done the count acknowledge that women play an important role in everything from designing gardens, planning the planting, overseeing the garden transformation, carrying it out and of course maintaining the garden.

If you search Google Trends you can find statistics for almost anything.

You can find out the average age of gardeners, the sex of the gardeners and even how long they spend looking into gardening.

They also think that us gardeners and people searching for anything gardening are more likely to be women, so yes it does seem that we are pretty much in charge in the garden!


Strangely when it comes to garden lighting those figures are reversed. As many as 75% of buyers are men?

Here at LVOutdoors we have our ideas of why this is and have set out to remedy the situation.

After all many of the truly great garden designers are women and there is no reason at all why we shouldn't also be the ones choosing the lights and screwing the connectors together. Would you believe it but there is no digging, no tools required and and artistic interpretation of how to position the lights is the main attribute necessary to make for a successful project.


Check out the Aldermax garden sets and some examples on our lighting page.

It really is that easy and above are the links to set you in the right direction to "Bring your Garden to Light".