1 into 3 Adaptor for Plug & Play Garden Lighting

1 into 3 Adaptor For Garden Lighting

LV Outdoors

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Y connection cable for our own LVOutdoors Plug and Play Lighting / Cabling System.

Heavy duty rubber cable for plug and play garden lighting systems.

0.3m long heavy duty rubber Y connector cable for plug and play garden lighting systems.

This cable allows a single cable to split into 3.

Y connectors can be used to place 3 lights close together and/or to add in additional cables or any combination of lights and cables. More than one Y connector can be used to make any design of lighting cable.

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(Another words we have everything that you could need to install a plug and play lighting system in your garden all at market leading prices).

Please note that if you are adding these cables to an existing installation you should use our cables throughout the area of new work to ensure that everything fits easily together. You may still need to connect the new work back to the existing transformer using a junction box.

Alternatively ask us for advice. We are here to help.

These products are not directly compatible with any other cabling system made by other manufacturers.


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