AlderMax Alder Spike Light
AlderMax Alder Spike Light
Aldermax 3W 12V LED Plug and Play Garden Spot Light
Aldermax Plus 5W 12V LED Plug and Play Garden Spot Light

Aldermax 3W 12V LED Plug and Play Garden Spot Light

LV Outdoors

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AlderMax 3W 12V LED Spike Light

Manufacturer: LVOutdoors

Model: 2580061


The AlderMax 3W spotlight is incredibly popular as an individual garden light as well as a bundle (kit). It is the top selling garden spike light in the UK at present we believe.

(Also available in 5W and 7W versions on our website). It incorporates a weatherproof sealed system which will last and last. It is rated at IP67 which is superb and will resist the worst that the weather can throw at it. Its shell is die cast aluminium alloy and it is finished in a tough two coat black polymerised paint. This gives it an inconspicuous appearance that can hide in any flower bed or pot. No surprise that we sell so many. Coupled with an affordable price you cannot beat the AlderMax for value and performance!

(Our 3W Generation 4 LED uses nearly no electricity but outperforms a 20W halogen producing 240 Lumens of light and is suitable for shrubs,  and small trees.

It is still compact which allows it to disappear into the flower bed but still produce a strong enough light to make an impact.

Everything is low voltage (12V) and completely safe to install without an electrician.

Safe for garden use, children and pets.

Simply plugs together and easily extended in the future.

Can be remotely turned on from inside with a timer or operated with our dusk till dawn sensor unit.

All AlderMax Spotlights Can Be Spiked

AlderMax spotlights come with both a spike and a hole in the mounting plate so you can easily install them in soil or to a solid base like wood or concrete. The AlderMax is very versatile. Due to its size and unobtrusive nature it's a great spotlight for planters and tubs while still being powerful enough to light larger border plants.

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